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About us

It is the aim of Nangten Menlang North America to introduce our phenomenal teacher to a large, mainstream audience. Tulku Lobsang has a unique skill in bridging the ancient and modern. His traditional background and charismatic, straightforward style make him a phenomenal teacher and transmitter of great wisdom.

As a tulku (reincarnated lama) born and raised in the monasteries of Tibet, his connection to the Buddhist wisdom tradition runs very deep and very pure. But he is also young (born 1976) and has traveled around the world many times over. After meeting hundreds of thousands of people for consultations, he intimately knows the western psychology and the special suffering that we experience. This, coupled with his humor and charisma, creates a powerful combination. He speaks directly to our modern experience and offers viable solutions for us to come out of physical and mental suffering. With the right methods, each of us can live purposeful, vibrant lives filled with joy and compassion. Tulku Lobsang gives us these methods as well as the inspiration and motivation we need to bring them into our daily lives.

Nangten Menlang North America is honored to facilitate the spread of this ancient wisdom in our countries. We have been active in North America since February 2004, when Tulku Lobsang visited the US for the first time. In San Francisco he taught about avoiding disease in the modern world, Lu Jong healing movements and dream meditation, and also offered health consultations to many individuals. The following year, he made his first visit to Canada, attending a native gathering far north in Williams Lake, BC. Since then, Tulku Lobsang has come to the US or Canada every year. The first retreat—Tummo the Inner Fire Practice—was held in Sedona in 2009.

Tulku Lobsang has visited locations far and wide, including Miami, Florida; Maplewood, New Jersey; Tucson, Arizona; Portland, Oregon; Los Angeles, California; Boulder, Colorado; St. George, Utah; Vancouver, BC; and Toronto, Ontario. This was very useful for meeting many different people, planting the seeds of the Tantrayana wisdom tradition and learning about the variety of our vast countries. However, since 2011, Tulku Lobsang has focused his teachings on the east coast, mostly in the NY area and also Toronto.

You too can be a part of this growing interest in the Buddhist wisdom! If you represent an organization that would like to introduce your community to Tulku Lobsang and these powerful healing methods, please visit our Contact page and get in touch! In addition to seminars on mindfulness, movement practices, Tibetan medicine, breathwork techniques, massage, Buddhist psychology and the Power of Love, Tulku Lobsang teaches effective leadership skills and techniques for overcoming burnout to businesses.

Additionally, Nangten Menlang offers several certification programs. It is our goal to make these practices available to people everywhere, so that all can experience their benefit. If you would like to play a role in sharing these practices, consider attending a certification program and becoming a teacher in the lineage of Tulku Lobsang Rinpoche.

Please come and experience these teachings and practices for yourself! Visit our News page for upcoming opportunities. We look forward to seeing you there.