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Zitat der Woche

20 Apr 2016


"You will have attachment to happiness until you discover that happiness is your nature.“


~ Tulku Lobsang

13 Apr 2016

The mind needs rules

"The mind needs rules to be happy. When the mind uses its own freedom it is craziness.“


~ Tulku Lobsang

06 Apr 2016

Searching for happiness

"You’re looking for something that you already have, that’s why you can’t find it. Searching for happiness is the only way not to find it, because you will only find suffering.“


~ Tulku Lobsang

30 Mär 2016


"Love is endless happiness and joyfulness.“


~ Tulku Lobsang

23 Mär 2016


"Suffering is a big teacher, recognizing it is a treasure.“


~ Tulku Lobsang

16 Mär 2016

Our inner master

"We use an outer master to find our inner master.“


~ Tulku Lobsang

09 Mär 2016


"It is not a matter of too much thinking; we need correct thinking. Please don’t stop thinking!“


~ Tulku Lobsang

02 Mär 2016


"The deepest purpose of bliss is to reach the highest present moment concentration.“


~ Tulku Lobsang

24 Feb 2016


"It is not enough to just practice intellectually. We need to practice with faith.“


~ Tulku Lobsang

18 Feb 2016

You are love

"Love can never be near or far from you -  you are love.“


~ Tulku Lobsang