Welcome to the Nangten Menlang North America page! We are glad you are here.

Nangten Menlang is an organization founded by Tulku Lobsang to share the powerful methods and wisdom of Tantrayana Buddhism. These ancient Tibetan teachings are incredibly beneficial today—they offer us clear solutions for most of our modern problems. But it takes an exceptional teacher to translate the essence of these teachings into contemporary times. Tulku Lobsang shares his wisdom in a way that is relevant and inspiring, so that we may bring the practices into our daily life.

Every year, Nangten Menlang organizes Tulku Lobsang’s teachings in North America, each of which brings us closer to our clear, pure nature. It is Tulku Lobsang’s goal to introduce us to our own innate wisdom, so that we may live a life of health, happiness and compassion.

On this site you will find information about Tulku Lobsang’s activities in North America as well as the latest news in our community. To learn more about the teachings and educations offered, please visit the international site at