Nangten Menlang - Buddhist Medical Center

Tog Chöd Teacher Certification

If you know how powerful Tog Chöd is and love practicing it, it is likely that you are inspired to share it with others. Or maybe people see you practicing and keep asking you to teach them! Then you also know that Tog Chöd is much more than just the physical forms. There is a lot of philosophy and symbolism behind the movements, and it is vital to communicate that in order for others to receive the full benefit of the practice.

For this reason, Nangten Menlang has created the Tog Chöd Teacher Certification program. Participants will receive special teachings, as well as a very complete manual so that they can confidently and effectively share this powerful method in a high-quality and maximally beneficial way.

The training program has three steps:

  • Education
  • Certification
  • Renewal

The Education is a 12-day course with an authorized Tog Chöd Educator. The Educators are chosen by Tulku Lobsang based on their level of experience, their connection to him and their dedication to the Nangten Menlang community.

The Certification is a 3 day teaching with Tulku Lobsang. At that time, those that have successfully completed the Education will receive Tulku Lobsang’s direct transmission. Each potential teacher will need to pass a theoretical and practical exam. Then, Tulku Lobsang will present the certificate and give his blessing to teach Tog Chöd in his name.

The original certificate is valid for two years, at which time a renewal will be necessary. The Renewal Weekend is usually offered in conjunction with the Certification Weekend. Renewals are a wonderful time to practice together with other teachers, share your experiences and, most importantly, deepen your connection with Tulku Lobsang!

Tog Chöd was created by Tulku Lobsang and it is clear how unique and effective it is. It is his wish to spread this practice so that many can benefit For that he needs the help of devoted practitioners, those that have developed a love for Tog Chöd: The Wisdom Sword practice.