Nangten Menlang - Buddhist Medical Center

Mindfulness Teacher Certification

Mindfulness is not only fundamental to Buddhist practice, but it positively affects every aspect of our lives. It is a skill that requires regular training and discipline, and the benefits are priceless. Over many centuries, Tibetan Buddhism has developed tried and true methods for developing mindfulness.

In the West we are often unaware of the need for and benefits of training the mind. We know that exercising our bodies in particular ways makes us stronger, more flexible and more fit. The same is true for our minds. With the right exercises, we can develop increased focus, concentration, calmness and awareness. This is what it means to have a fit mind. As our mindfulness improves, all aspects of our life improve as well.

In this Education, Tulku Lobsang will share the methods that are most effective for mindfulness training. He will explain the stages that the mind goes through in its development. We will learn about the common obstacles that we will encounter, as well as the antidotes for these obstacles. Participants will leave with a solid practice, and the tools to guide others through these methods.

This training is especially recommended for Lu Jong Teachers. The mind is primed for mindfulness practice after doing Lu Jong, so sharing it with your students will be incredibly beneficial.

Mindfulness enables us to develop the mind‘s natural powers. With these skills, we can reach our full potential, accomplish our goals and have quality, loving relationships. By attending this course, you can also give this gift to others.