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There is one solution for all problems. Whether we are having issues with our relationships, health, job or experiencing a general lack of joy in life, mindfulness is the answer. When we develop mindfulness, we blossom in this present moment. And being aware in the present gives us the power to change our entire life.

The practice of mindfulness plays an important role in Buddhism. When our mind is awake in every moment, we know what impact our actions will have on ourselves, our fellow human beings and our environment. Whoever practices mindfulness is aware of samsara, the perpetual cycle of being, and therefore consciously creates his or her life for the benefit of all sentient beings.

Our minds are incredibly powerful. They have the capacity for great focus, concentration, awareness, alertness, and calmness. However, our minds are usually more like a monkey. They are jumping everywhere, excited and nervous, or sleepy and dull. Even when we want to focus, we move from one thought to the next to the next, completely out of control. We can change this.

Mindfulness is a skill and it can be learned, but only through training. Tulku Lobsang shares specific methods for increasing the power of the mind. Learn to recognize the nine stages that the mind passes through in its development. Become familiar with the common obstacles, as well as the ways to overcome them. Begin to rejoice in the true nature of your mind, which is one of alertness, awareness and equanimity.