Nangten Menlang

Nangten Menlang is a “School of Inner Medicine”. Founded and directed by Tulku Lobsang, the organization offers many teachings and educations in Tibetan Buddhism and the Tantrayana healing wisdom. The headquarters of Nangten Menlang International is located in Vienna, Austria. Furthermore, there are several country-specific Nangten Menlang Associations.

Offers include movement practices (such as Lu Jong Tibetan Healing Yoga and Tog Chöd: The Wisdom Sword), more subtle body practices (such as Tsa Lung Breathwork and Tummo: The Inner Fire), healing methods (such as Traditional Tibetan Medicine and Kum Nye Massage), and meditation practices (such as Fearless Death and Mindfulness). To supplement the in-person teachings of Tulku Lobsang, the organization produces books, DVDs, CDs and a magazine, called Emptinez.

While the teachings are diverse, each of these wisdoms and methods enable students to achieve greater health and happiness by learning to tap into their own innate wisdom. It is also possible for one to attend an Education and become a teacher, further spreading precious practices such as Lu Jong, Tog Chöd and Mindfulness.

In all that he and his organization do, Tulku Lobsang aims to introduce us to ourselves, to empower his students to be their own inner master. In this way, we develop for the good of all sentient beings.