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Sebasks - April 05, 2011

Lama, with respect.

The context of this question is that some people I know get confused including me, by the merchandising and advertising of a spiritual teacher. How can I see with more clarity this aspect and work with that?

Thank you.

Response from Tulku Lobsang:

Generally, I do not think there is anything wrong with advertisement and selling things. It depends on one's motivation. Especially in this 21st century, which is the century of communication. Communication is through email, newspapers and magazines because this is the way to communicate. Therefore, we need to adapt to this century's way of communicating.

We could just let students know of teachings, but this is just a few people. There are many other people, lay people, that need and want teachings. These people need some picture to reach into their lives. We can't knock on people's door and tell them, so these advertisements are the way to communicate with them.

I also feel that it is very okay to sell things. Again, it depends on motivation. For example, if someone is not a good teacher, does not know things, and they just like to make business and make themselves important, then this is bad motivation. But if you have good motivation, to help people, then these two things can come together, no problem. In my view, there is nothing wrong. Of course, only the person themselves knows their true motivation; no one else can really know.

~Tulku Lobsang

Answered on June 8th, 2011
Florianopolis, Brazil