After Tummo, we practice Bliss. This is also a practice from the Tantrayana tradition that works with the subtle body and its system of channels, chakras, winds and essence. Using a combination of movement, breath technique and visualization, we are able to generate our inner Tummo fire and spread it throughout the body. This warms our blood and burns our blockages. Doing this also begins to activate our bliss, which is something far beyond simple physical pleasure. When we have bliss, we reduce the conceptual mind, but increase our awareness. True bliss takes us outside of thought, into the emptiness of the mind.

This practice electrifies us on all dimensions—body, energy and mind. It works with the physical body by balancing the hormones and regulating the metabolism. It works with the energetic body by opening the channels and the chakras, which are the secret doors to our hidden nature. Our mind is also profoundly affected, becoming more clear, calm and aware, so we can achieve great insight into the nature of phenomena.

Ultimately, Bliss is a practice of love and great compassion. Love is our direct, perceptual awareness. Love is non-duality.

This practice is the specialty of Tulku Lobsang and he has focused on it for a great part of his life. He has received all kinds of lineages and teaches it with incredible skill and wisdom. Receiving Tummo & Bliss from Tulku Lobsang is an incredibly precious opportunity—you will not find this anywhere else!

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