Currently, we live in temporary existence. Our views are always changing and our emotions are always changing. What makes us happy one moment is gone the next. And because of this our happiness is the biggest cause of our suffering. It does not have to be this way! If we can cut through the illusion of temporary existence, if we can recognize that nothing exists the way we believe it to and that it is just a projection of our thought, we can exist infinitely.

The Gyulu practice gives us the tools to cut through illusion. With this teaching, we learn to peel back the layers of illusion so that we can truly see ourselves. We will become aware of how much we are affected by emotion and self-grasping. The greatest source of our illusion is the concept of the self. We believe in the idea of a separate self and in every moment we act according to this belief, which usually means we act from a place of anger and attachment. There is no solid, independently existing self! When we search for it, we realize we do not find it. But we only realize this when we truly search.

Gyulu is the practice of the illusory body. We learn to recognize the illusion of a solid “one.” We learn to recognize the illusion of “having.” We learn to recognize the illusion of negative emotions. This is how we learn to see the true nature of phenomena. We learn to see with wisdom eyes.

Maybe we won’t become completely free from illusion with this Gyulu practice, but we will surely have less suffering in our illusion. Maybe we won’t become completely free of pain, but we will, at least, have less pain.