The Power of the Mind Series

We are full of potential. All possibilities are open to us. We don’t realize how much power we have! Where does this power come from? It comes from our minds. When we know how to use our mind the right way, we can create anything we want in our lives. But, if we don’t know how to use our mind in the right way, we only create suffering. It is our minds that make our lives heaven or make our lives hell. In this series of teachings, I introduce you to the power of your mind. You have many powers. Use them to make your life heaven.

The Power of Trust

One who has trust has a very powerful mind because whatever you trust will become true. Trust creates truth. Trust makes reality. Therefore, whatever you want—trust in it. Then, it is possible for it all to come true.

Trust is one of the most powerful parts of the mind. Whenever you need help, trust will help you. Whenever you need to change something, trust helps to change it. Whenever you need guidance, trust will guide you. Whenever you want to find something, trust will find it.

We are blind in our lives because we are asleep in ignorance. We are a blind person with a very intelligent mind, but still, we cannot see. Trust is the only eye in this blind world. It helps us to find our path. Trust is the only way to survive in this sleeping, ignorant world. There are no better eyes than trust. This is why I call trust: “the third eye.”

Trust is more than a wish. Trust makes things happen.

The Power of Thought

Thought is not just a thought. Thought is the essence of our life because life is nothing more than a dream. Our life is a reflection of our thoughts. If we use thought the correct way, we can create our perfect life.

Those that believe that life is more than just thought believe that they need to make big changes in order to change their life. But changing your life does not mean changing your car or your house. A better life is not created with a better chair or better job. It is thought that changes life. An easy thought creates an easy life.

Life does not happen outside of thought. Life is a projection of our thought. What you think is what you see. It is not, “What you see is what you think.” Whatever you think, you will create. “You think” and “you have” are the same.

Thought is first and life is second. Thought is what makes reality. This is the power of thought.

The Power of Desire

Desire rules our lives. 24 hours a day desire runs through our minds. Therefore, desire is a powerful vehicle. Better know how to use desire because it can be a vehicle to take you to heaven or hell!

Because we always have desire, it is a very fast vehicle. Buddha Shakyamuni taught many, many truths, but desire is the best, fastest, easiest truth. It is the fastest, most powerful, easiest and cheapest way to be free. At the same time, it is the fastest way to lose our freedom, to be tight and restricted. So, be sure to use the power of desire the right way! Never use the power of desire for wrong, because then you will find yourself in hell without ever dying. And if you use desire in the correct direction, then without dying, desire will take you to heaven. Desire is the root of heaven and hell, of good and bad.

The power of desire is that if you use it the correct way, everything goes correct. The mind of desire creates life as heaven, or it creates life as hell.

The Power of Now

Now is the only thing that we have. We don’t have anything in the past or in the future. The past is already gone and the future isn’t here yet. We wait for help from the past and the future, but it never happens. If we want to change our future or our past, only the power of now will help. If you change the now, everything changes. Now is the result of the past and the cause of the future. Therefore, when now changes, its cause and result also change. 

Now is the only way to change your whole life, because your life is always now. It is never more than now! So, if you know how to use the power of now, you know how to use your whole life. This is why now is the most powerful thing in existence.

Now is the key to be free of what you don’t like in your past and to receive what you like in the future. This is why I call now “the golden key.” It is the key of heaven, the key of magic. If you know how to use the power of now, you can do anything.

The Power of Decision

In Buddhism, we have something called zero energy, which is the energy of change, the energy of impermanence. Zero energy is full of potential. Anything can happen; change can occur in any way. When it happens without direction, the result is suffering. Never be against change. You will always lose, because change is the most powerful energy in empty space.

So, change is always there, but we need to make change work how we want it to. This means that we need to decide. With one decision, we can change everything. We don’t need to create change, but we need to make a decision. The moment we decide is the moment that we give direction to the zero energy, to change. Then, change will give us all that we ask. But first we must decide what we want.

Therefore, a decision is the only way to use change how we want. When change brings people suffering it is because of their lack of decision. Whenever we have the power to decide, change will never cause a problem. Change will always help. Change will give us all that we desire and wish for, so we must decide.

The Power of Space

The power of space means the power of silence. Space frees us from crowded limitation, frees us from restriction.

Space is a power without doing. When you are simply being in space it means you don’t do anything and you don’t change anything. Without doing anything or changing anything, there is great change and great doing. Without doing anything, somehow, you do it best. That is being in space.

When we are in our space we find our potential. That is where we discover our possibilities. Space always gives possibilities. Usually, our lives seem to lack possibility. We think we have only one, not many. But when we are in space, space shows us all possibilities. Space has infinite, unlimited possibility. Being in space, in stillness, is the only way to find your unlimited potential and possibility. That means that space is full of truth and full of solutions.

Space is one of the most powerful parts of your mind and your life. Therefore, let’s return to space.

The Power of Change

Change is the energy of the universe. No one needs to do anything for it because it is already there. Change is the nature of our existence—whether we like it or not. Ignorance of this true nature is the source of our suffering.

Change is not the problem. Change is always correct; it never makes a mistake. It is our ignorance and rejection of change that is the problem. No matter how strong we are, we can’t fight change! We will only suffer. The problem is that change happens without direction. The moment we use change is the moment of our liberation.  We just need to give a direction to change.

Change is what gives us the power to create a completely new life and to create ourselves as a completely new person. You may be born in hell, but one change can make you appear in heaven. But we need to decide how to use change. We need to decide in which direction we want to go.

There are many kinds of change, but the most valuable, powerful change is when you change yourself. When you change yourself, you change the whole world. On the other hand, you can try to change the entire world, but if you don’t change yourself, then nothing changes. When you change yourself, everything changes. That is magic.

Changing others means nothing. Change has to come from your side. And when it does, then you have the power to create anything you want.

The Power of Love

Love is the essence of all energy. It is the only thing that truly motivates us in life. When there is no love, everything can make us tired and exhausted. We will be completely lacking in energy. This is because love is the only source of energy that we have.

Fortunately, love is also the most natural thing that we have. It is the most natural feeling because it is the deepest part of ourselves, our very essence. Therefore, when we receive energy through love, that energy will never diminish. This is the healthiest energy, and no matter how much we use it, we will never become exhausted. It only recharges us. This is something very special about love!

We automatically receive the power of love when we touch our deepest nature because it is our most natural and deepest part. WE can look within to find our love. It is not something that needs to come form the outside. We are love. We only need to connect to this and it is the most effortless energy. Love is everything that gives us energy.