Rigpa is clear light, the true nature of our mind. It is the state of pure awareness. It is the wisdom that exists beyond all limitations and through which we can come to know everything.

What we see now is the reflection of our ignorance. We always miss something, and so we always have a wrong view. This causes us great suffering. We are looking through the lens of the conceptual mind, which always has a shadow and limitation. We can’t see through it, so we can’t see the true nature of ourselves. We need to go deeper, to the deep part of the ocean. When we reach there we can know everything and see everything without thinking. This is direct perception, just like with the eyes. The eyes never think. They see all things at the same time.

At the time of sleep and the time of death, we naturally reach this. Normally, we don’t realize it, but through practice and training it is possible to reach this state consciously. It is so powerful! When you reach there, you are free of the wrong view and have no suffering.

This practice is without techniques, without concepts and without meditation. When we practice Rigpa, we simply leave everything and look. The mind is like water. When it is still, it naturally becomes clear. When we leave everything alone, without judgment or reaction, and simply perceive what is there, we begin to recognize the nature of mind. To do nothing and to leave everything how it is, is the most difficult thing! In this way, we use our mind to observe our mind. This is how we come to deeply know ourselves. When we know the mind, we know all.

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