Tsa Lung

The health of our subtle body is of primary importance to the health of our physical body and the happiness of our mind. The subtle body is composed of three things: channels (tsa) and the wind-energy (lung) and essence (tigle) that flow through them. Blockages in the channels cause imbalances in our body systems as vital nutrients, oxygen and blood don’t flow properly. These blockages also cause energetic and mental blockages. Unless we actively nurture our subtle body, everyday we lose some channels. Fortunately, Tantrayana Buddhism has powerful methods to open our channels and make them clear and supple.

Tsa Lung is a practice that works intensively with our subtle body. By combining special breath retention techniques with physical movements and visualizations, we move our wind-energy throughout the body, allowing it to reach deep places and open more and more subtle channels. When the wind flows freely, this energy can be used for self-healing or can be given to others.

This physical practice is very dynamic and powerful. And breath retention makes it even more challenging. However, it is very important that we train the breath. As we become older, our breathing becomes more and more shallow and no longer reaches all parts of the body. Therefore, we need to relearn how to breathe deeply. And when the breath flows, the mind flows. When we work with the breath, we completely change our thoughts. And when we stop the breath, we come into the deep stillness of the mind.

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