Tibetan Astrology

Tibetan Astrology is an important part of Tibetan culture. It is interwoven into daily life and provides guidance for major decisions. It is also the complement to Tibetan Medicine; astrology provides the wisdom, while medicine provides the method. Tibetans have used astrology for thousands of years as a tool to better understand both themselves—including their health and fortune—as well as external factors in their lives.

Tibetan Astrology functions on the principle of interdependent logic. Nothing in this universe functions independently. We exist 100% in interdependence. This means that things are not random. From one thing, it is possible to discover everything.

Generally, the basis of Tibetan Astrology is the five elements. All of the elements conclude in time and move in predictable ways. Time is like the sixth element. So, if you know the basics of time, then it is possible to catch the elements. Through the use of time, it is possible to discover when and where something will happen, what time it will occur and what elements are involved. We completely depend on the elements. We don’t have control over them ourselves. However the elements move, we move. Therefore, if we know when the elements will be a certain way, we also know how we will be at that time.

Tibetan Astrology is very much in connection with Tibetan Buddhism. Traditionally, almost all practicing astrologers in Tibet were monks. For correct understanding, deep insight into Buddhist psychology is needed. Tibetan Astrology is as much a result of mental training, such as meditation, developing fine awareness and intuition, as the result of skillful astrological calculations. It is a practice of compassion.

The shifting of the elements according to the astrological cycles affects our bodies and the functioning of the organs. A good doctor needs to understand this, especially when doing a pulse diagnosis. Otherwise, since the person’s pulse changes according to seasonal changes, this could result in a misdiagnosis.

Tibetan Astrology teaches us that we are part of universal cycles. We may think we act independently, but this is only illusion and ignorance. We are completely dependent on these cycles and affected by them—mentally, physically and energetically. It is wise to understand this and harmonize ourselves with these changes. This will help us to be happy and healthy.