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"In my teens, I had my first spontaneous awakening. Experiencing, for a short time, a higher state of consciousness. I began to have visionary dreams and inspirations. This is the start of a lifelong interest in the human mind, consciousness development, and the true Self."

Suzanne is a Shiné Teacher, an Awakened Mind Trainer®, a Neurofeedback Specialist, a Researcher, a Writer, and a progressive Healer helping people to heal from trauma, phobias, or subconscious limiting beliefs. Nowadays, Suzanne guides meditation practitioners and yoga teachers, consciousness trainers, mediums, coaches, and managers in personalized development programs and group training.

Suzanne’s research with EEG resulted in ground-breaking new data within the field of Trance development. It also gradually resulted in a new method for Supernormal skill development: the Awaking Mediumship Method®. She organizes workshops, lectures, group training, and retreats and helps participants develop from a normal waking state to a state of Awakened Mind; becoming Conscious Intuitives.
My Courses
Shiné- Tibetan Mind Training: Shiné (pronounced Shanee) is the most profound Tibetan Buddhist meditation technique and a technique of mindfulness. (

Awakened Mind Training: Training Your Mind To Peak Performance or altered states of consciousness. The Perfect Combination Of Science, Neurofeedback, And Spirituality. (

Self_leadership Coaching: Mind Training to build the power for leading yourself, mastering complexity, and inspiring others.
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