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Lu Jong 1 Teacher
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Adília is passionate about music, healing and wellness.

Entrepreneur, healer, mystic and a singer who has numerous international specializations in the area of health, well-being, holistic therapies, sound & voice healing using sacred instruments and Lu-Jong.

Her biggest journey started 25 years ago where she got interested in the Healing approach to Health.

She started her own healing journey at a young age because of a break in the family. Years later she went on several spiritual trips to India, Brasil, Africa where she made a big change in her career and started a new path being a therapist. At the age of 25 she became Reiki master Ayurveda therapist and gradually with a range of training Adília became a reputable Therapist and later a awarded best Spa Director in among the best Hotels in Portugal and Europe.

Adília is known for her visionary approach to healing, wellness and holistic therapies. She was also a mentor of the Global Mentorship Pilot Program for The Global Wellness Institute and she was a judge for the Forum Spa for the best spa manager in Europe. In the past 10 years she is the Ambassador for the global movement of wellness called
The Global Wellness Day.

During the difficult times of the pandemic and after losing her mother from cancer, Adília decided to embrace her passion for singing and soon she realized the power of music by using her voice. Everyday she was singing to her mom and she felt that it was so relaxing and healing for her and with this fact she wanted to share with other women. Adília left her role of a successful Spa Director and re- started her own journey as a Singer as well, sharing her voice and healing touch with a meaningful purpose with women with cancer. Since 2 years ago she has been doing volunteer work for palliative care in a Multidisciplinary Organization where she is now developing all the concepts to be soon presented to a large public.

Currently, she also shares her expertise with the Spa Industry in a part-time job as spa consultant in reputable 5 star hotels in Portugal where she designs a personalized atmosphere with protocols, signature therapies, self-care rituals using her voice and holistic & therapeutic treatments that she developed in the past 20 years.

You can work with Adília in one to one holistic mentorship sessions online and presence, group retreats, holistic training and sound healing journeys.

Adília considers that her greatest purpose is to transmit love through her work, her voice and her being.

Global Wellness Day Ambassador for Portugal

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My Courses
- Reiki Master in India
- Biofield Therapy
- Reflexologist Expert
- Aromatherapie Specialist
- Intuitive & Therapeutic Touch
- Ayurvedic Massage Therapist
- Lu-Jong Teacher & Tibetan Psychology Therapist
- Coach and Mentor by the Global Mentorship Pilot Program for The Global Wellness Institute
- Voice & Sound Healer
- Facilitator of Circular Sacred Dance & Shamanic Healing ( Trauma informed process )
- Global Wellness Ambassador for the Global Wellness Day
- Psychogenealogy and the Transgenerational Therapist

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In Person & Online
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Adília Ferreira
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Torre Vã Hotel & Spa - consultant
Rua Pedra Torta, 494 A 5 D