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The Lu Jong practices have fuelled my passion to care for people and the planet.

I am a Medical Doctor practicing for 22+ years. I believe we can improve health and wellbeing for Ourselves, other People and the Earth, by raising our awareness. By combining Eastern and Western knowledge and practices, we can live happier, healthier and more responsible lives.

I was fortunate enough to grow up in a loving and supportive family in South Africa who encouraged education, balance and living moderately. Since moving to the UK in 2001, I have incorporated this early wisdom into my life and added to it with life experience, constant learning and exploration.

After spending several years working in hospitals and in different specialities including Psychiatry and Accident and Emergency, I wanted to help keep patients out of hospital. I therefore trained as a GP (family doctor) so that I could treat people in the community and prevent them from needing hospital admission.

I soon realised that people become easily attached to their doctor, medication and the health system, so I chose to work in Urgent Care. This allows me to see people face to face for acute problems and I am not limited by a 10 minute consultation model, which does not serve patients or clinicians.

In my journey through medicine, I also realised that Western-trained Medical Practitioners are not fully equipped to deal with the wide range of symptoms that people present with.

When I personally found myself extremely stressed at work during my GP training, my own GP was unable to offer suitable advice or treatment. A friend recommended Acupuncture and the Acupuncturist recommended exercise. I started running and attending yoga classes regularly and I was astounded by the results and the difference this made to my physical and mental health.

I therefore wanted to make Acupuncture and Yoga available to other people and I went in search of suitable courses in 2014.

A friend recommended Lu Jong and I was immediately inspired. I was drawn to The Five Elements Movements of the practice for its wisdom and versatility. By learning the Five Elements Movements and practising regularly, people can support their physical, mental and emotional health. I firmly believe this practice can have a huge impact on improving the health of people all over the world

In 2014, I was the only teacher of Lu Jong in the UK. I have since introduced the practice to many people and trained several teachers in the technique. I have also trained as a Tog Chöd teacher and Shiné Meditation Teacher. Every year I attend at least one live retreat with Tulku Lobsang to enhance my knowledge and skill.

Prevention involves making healthier choices so I encourage people to engage in self-care and personal development through the vast wisdom available to us through these Tibetan Practices and Teachings.

I am extremely grateful to Tulku Lobsang for giving us access to these once secret wisdom practices. They have contributed significantly and so positively to my own understanding of people, nature and the body-mind connection, that I am extremely motivated to continue to teach it to people as part of my service as an Integrated Health Doctor.

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Five Elements and Lu Jong Teacher Training
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2024 dates to be announced

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