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About me
My journey started with a sever burn-out in 2008, that was the moment that I realized I needed to adapt my way how I related to myself – to life and to other people.
In 2009 I took a sabbatical and traveled around in Asia (India – Nepal – Bhutan and Tibet).
This was the starting point of my inner journey with my beloved teacher Tulku Lobsang.
In the first years I followed as many retreats as I could Bliss, Tummo, Lu Jong, Mindfulness, Buddhist Psychology, … . A new world was opening for me.
A world where I found more insight in my inner world, where I learned tools to get more balance and where I learned about the mental law.
Now more then ten years later I can guide others in there search for inner peace.
I am a coach in the Business world using the many methods I learned in Tibetan Buddhism.
I guide others due to private coaching.
In my school for Tibetan Yoga I educate also teachers in Body and Mind methods.
The body educations I offer are as Lu Jong Teacher, Tibetan Healing yoga, Tog Chöd Teacher, the wisdom sword Yoga.
The mind educations are Traditional Tibetan Shamatha Meditation teacher and Buddhist Psychology in daily life or Positive Psychology.
And in my center for Tibetan Yoga I offer classes in all these methods mentioned above.
It would be an honor for me to guide you on your inner journey.
My Courses
I offer education to become a certified teacher in:

* Lu Jong, Tibetan Healing Yoga, I and II
* Tog Chöd, the wisdom sword Yoga
* Shiné,Traditional Tibetan Shamatha Meditation Teacher
* Training in Buddhist Psychology
An overview you find here:

I offer courses in:
* Lu Jong, Tibetan Healing Yoga
* Tsa Lung, energy and breath work
* Meditation classes
An overview you can find here:

And I offer every year retreats in Nepal.
Please have a look here:
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