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For me, yoga means listening to the story your body has to tell. In this way, Lu Jong takes you further on the path of awareness. I believe that form, movement and breath are the keys to your own inner wisdom. Where your body is your vehicle, which you want to take good care of.

Since 2008 I have been following the teachings of Tulku Lobsang Rinpoche.

My personal goal is to experience ultimate bliss, ultimate happiness where you no longer need anything. In which you no longer have a desire for more, bigger, more intense, better. I would like to share that feeling and this knowledge with people and thus help them further on their path of awareness.

I'd like to help people. In my younger years I started working in healthcare. When Buddhism and meditation came on my path, I realized that there are many ways to help others. So started my company Satsang Soraya in 2010, where i work as a masseuse, breath-coach and LuJong teacher.
And I am very happy that I can now continue my journey as an Lu Jong educator within Studio Soetra sinds 2021.
My Courses
-2008-2010 Academy for Wellness Coaching in Amersfoort MBO (Certified)
-2010-2011 Professional year of holistic coaching in Amersfoort HBO
-2010 Hatha yoga course: Training institute: S.V.M. Ayurveda Center, Fort Cochin, Kerala South India (Certified)
-2010 Panchakarma course: Training institute: S.V.M. Ayurveda Centre, Fort Cochin, Kerala S.India (Certified)

-2013 Lu Jong summer retreat, The Eiffel, Germany
-2013 Respectful leadership, Voorst, Netherlands
-2013 Heart Sutra Retreat, Driebergen, Netherlands
-2015 Kum NYE workshop, Zutphen, Netherlands
-2016 Guru Yoga retreat, Driebergen, Netherlands
-2016 Lu Jong 1 teacher education Amersfoort, Netherlands
-2017 Courage and Compassion retreat, Driebergen, Netherlands
-2017 Tsa Lung summer retreat, Driebergen Netherlands
-2018 Lu Jong 2 teacher education Amersfoort, Netherlands
-2018 Tummo Innerfire summer retreat, Driebergen, Netherlands
-2019 The Power of Forgiveness retreat, Driebergen, Netherlands
-2019 Tummo retreat, Driebergen, Netherlands
-2019 [private] Masterclass Lu Jong 1 & Lu Jong 2, Plochingen, Germany
-2021Vajravarahi Empowerment by His Holiness Kyapgon Ngawang Tenzin Rinpoche: Online live
-2021 Tummo Inner fire practice: 6-Month Online Live Course
-2021 Tummo-Bliss practice: Online live course
-2021 Tummo–Non-Conceptional State of Mind Practice: Online live course
-2022 Shiné Teacher Certification Program 2022 Online live
-2022 Innermission retreat Driebergen, Netherlands
-2023 Dzochen retreat Driebergen, Netherlands
-2023 Bhutan Pelgrimage Lu Jong and meditation, Nepal and Bhutan
-2023 Power vs Force retreat, Driebergen, Netherlands
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