"The Power of Tibetan Health Practices for Happiness" in Gran Canaria

On May 20 Tulku Lobsang visited Telde, Gran Canaria.
More than 1,500 people attended the conference entitled "The power of Tibetan Health Practices for Happiness". All participants joined Rinpoche as he led them in meditation, Lu Jong Tibetan Healing Yoga and the Gang Gyok Tibetan Running Technique. Rinpoche also demonstrated his well-known Tog Chöd, the Wisdom Sword practice.

As human beings we have the unique possibility to use the abilities of our body on the spiritual path. Body and mind are deeply connected. They influence each other and can be used for our own spiritual development. We call our mind the king of our body because we can use the happiness of our mind to create a healthy body. Our body is like a magic wand for realization.