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Julie Breukel Michel a rencontré Tulku Lobsang Rimpoche en 2000 et enseigne le Lu Jong depuis 2002. Pour des informations plus complètes voir sur

A naturotherapist specializing in Traditional Tibetan Medicine, alchemy and ethnomedicine, Julie is a teacher and educator recognized by Tulku Lobsang Rimpoche. She met Tulku Lobsang Rimpoche in 2000, in Dharamsala, and had the great good fortune to participate in the very first Lu Jong teacher training for Westerners given by Tulku Lobsang Rimpoche in 2002. Since then, she has been practising and teaching Lu Jong. As a mother of six children, she combines her knowledge with her life's journey to promote greater autonomy on the path to health and harmony.
Mis Cursos
It is with great joy that i am offering courses for all level in Lu Jong 1 & 2. I feel deeply grateful to be able to accompany other on this very special path by offering teacher training. I teach in French, Italian, German and English, mostly in Switzerland, France, Italy and Czech Republic, I am gaining more and more experience in teaching online too.

Please contact me any time to know what is coming next in the program. New teacher training in Lu Jong 1 or 2 or in the Tibetan Five Element Practices start regularly. (On our website you can change the language to find the information that you need.)
In 2024, i will have a focus on Lu Jong 2 and offer practical teachings in Switzerland, Italy, Prague and France. I will also offer teacher training in Lu Jong 1 & 2.

In 2001, i experience the very first Lu Jong movements, and was so deeply touched that i made all the possible, and impossible, to go to the Himalayas with my 3 girls for the Teacher Training in April 2002. That was an adventure! So many years after, i am still so enthusiastic. I would say that the more i use the movements the more i understand their value and their deep power. Time passed, and now those little girls that came with me at that time are all 3 Lu Jong Teacher too. What a joy to see my blood family and my spiritual family becoming more and more, just one unique big family!
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