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Tierza (Pema Kunzang) is a highly gifted, experienced professional Psychic/Healer who has dedicated over 30 years to the art of guiding and transforming lives. With a remarkable intuition, belaying an exceptional ability to connect with others, she has successfully hosted numerous private as well as group sessions, touching the lives of countless individuals who seek her guidance and support; a true holistic practitioner. Her expertise expands well beyond psychic abilities. With a deep understanding of the intricate connection between mind, body and spirit, discipline has led her to excel in the fields of Healing, Medical Intuition, Nutrition, Fitness, Music (Ritual Sound Healings) and Dance.
Tierza’s passion for Movement and expression brilliantly shines through her expertise in various dance forms including: Middle Eastern, Afro-Caribbean, Hip-Hop, Jazz & her own version of an ancient Tibetan/Newari Dakini Ritual Dance (manifesting the deity through movement - “Live Sadhana practice”). Having honed her skills as a dancer over the years, she has become a trusted mentor guiding students toward the discovery of their own rhythm and the unlocking of the body’s highest creative potential.
In addition to her extensive experience in Session work, Rituals and Ceremonies, Tierza regularly hosts retreats for her clients, providing immersive and transformative experiences that leave “Imprints on the soul.” Participants of these retreats praise her ability to create an environment that fosters exploration, healing and self-discovery.
Pure devotion to her craft is reflected, not only in her extensive experience, but also in her commitment to her own spiritual practice. For over a decade, being a dedicated and devout Tibetan Vajrayana Buddhist practitioner, she exemplifies a profound reverence for the teachings of this ancient tradition. As a certified Tibetan Yoga teacher (Lu Jong) and Tummo (Inner Heat Yoga) instructor, Tierza expertly channels her knowledge and experience into her teachings; sharing these ancient practices with her students to empower them on their spiritual path.
Based in Sedona Arizona for over 20 years, Tierza is admired by her clients and peers alike for her authenticity, integrity and compassionate approach to living. Her nurturing presence fueled with profound spiritual insights have touched the souls of many, guiding them toward a deeper understanding of themselves and the embodiment of their highest potential toward self-realization.
Mis Cursos
Weekly LuJong Classes with 5 elements meditation: TBA
Weekly Modern Dakini Dance: TBA
Intuitive Life Coaching Program (8 week)
Tibetan Tsa Lung: Introduction to Tummo the Yoga of Inner Heat (Trained by Gurdrag Khentrul Rinpoche; and received special Hayagriva empowerment with training)
Bi-Annual weekend retreats hosted in Sedona Arizona, unless otherwise specified. The last weekend in April and the 2nd weekend in October. INVITATION ONLY -New students can send a request email for more information and upcoming events or go to the website and click on "EVENTS" and the next upcoming retreat will be listed. Limited to 8 people.
Online Sadhana practice: 4 Arm Chenrezig and The 5 Dakini Sadhana (for those who have received the empowerment or one of a higher yoga tantra)
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