Tummo - Strengthening our Self Healing Power | Inner Fire School

In the Inner Fire School, Tibetan Buddhist master and Tummo expert Tulku Lobsang Rinpoche shares his wisdom with us in online courses. This video is an introduction to the course "Strengthen Your Self-Healing Powers with the Tummo – Inner Fire Practice".

In this course we receive an introduction to the background and workings of the Tummo practice of inner fire. Rinpoche also shares with us a precious sequence of practices that we can all use to strengthen our self-healing powers and improve our health. Throughout the course, we will learn a simple but very effective practice combining breathing exercises, physical movements as well as meditation. This practice will transform us step by step on a physical and mental level and help us to achieve greater health and happiness.

Tummo is our wisdom fire. It is something that we naturally have in our bodies. On a physical level, the Tummo fire strengthens our self-healing powers. On the energetic level, it allows energy to flow throughout the body. On the level of the mind, Tummo is the source of love, joy, happiness and bliss.

The course and more information are available at the INNER FIRE SCHOOL