Nangten Menlang - Buddhist Medical Center

Review: Tsa Lung Retreat - Spain 29.10. – 06.11.2015

Tulku Lobsang Rinpoche gave an intensive teaching about the Tsa Lung exercises from the Kalachakra tradition.

Tsa Lung combines a special breath technique with physical movements and visualizations. This dynamic and powerful combination makes it possible to open physical and mental blockages in order to let the energies flow.

The schedule started early morning with practice at 05:00 and the last practice ended at 21:00. The combination between theoretical teachings and practice sessions allowed the participants to discover the benefit of this ancient holy teachings.
It is the goal of the practice to control even the subtlest energies and to realize the true nature of all phenomena – emptiness. Rinpoche's profound knowledge and understanding of the outer, inner and secret channels, chakras and energies, made the retreat  remarkable. His unique ability to connect the Buddhist Tantrayana teachings with traditional Tibetan medicine knowledge helped participants to gain a small insight into the diamond teachings.

What an honor to receive this holy teaching from a qualified master and to attend the teachings in the presence of so many sangha friends.