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Verena - March 08, 2011

Dear Tulku Lobsang,
thank you for listening to me.

I´m Verena and I´m 43 years old. There are a few month since I think I lost my right way.

Till last year I´m happy to help people in my own practice. Last year I moved to another place, because I don´t feel good at this place anymore and it was time to change the place. I ask some special people, if the new place was good for me. These people say it was a good place and also I felt that it was a good new place. I also get a pucha of your monks (they have been in Murnau last year and they come to me and have done a pucha for me and my practice). I thought it was really a good start for my new place. But there are only disasters. Really nothing is going easy. The last was an demage with water, so my flat and my practice were full of musty, so I can´t live and work there now.

I ask me all the time what it means to me, what want it to say to me, where I have to look at it? Have I to change the place again, have I to change my work or...

Since January I`m learning Lu Jong and there I´ve read the information, that Medicin and Astrology hang together. I´m thinking about taking a horoscope to look, if I´m still on the right way or to get some information what I have to change outside of me and inside of me. I´m loosing my confidence in my way and I feel it makes me very sick.

Taking a horoscope is this a good idea or is this an evasion of me? When it´s a good solution who can do it for me.

Yours sincerly

Response from Tulku Lobsang:

Generally it is a very good idea to make some kind of astrological chart. Maybe there is some explanation. It could be a bad moment, or a bad year for you. If this is the case, there might be some kind of method to be free. Maybe some ritual or method can release these problems. It is very possible.
It is also possible that your house can be in the wrong place, or facing the wrong direction. The commonly used Chinese term for this is feng shui. So, the external feng shui could be off, or maybe the internal feng shui is off. An example of this is if the furniture and such is arranged in a wrong way. So, it may be beneficial to have someone check the feng shui of the place.
Then, it is also possible that there is something going on within yourself. It's possible that it is something in your mind. Just look, sit, meditate. Look carefully at yourself to determine what is going on. Maybe you will find something there to change. It is difficult to say exactly what is happening, so I just give you a few possible options. I cannot answer so directly.

~Tulku Lobsang

Answered on March 15th, 2011
Amersfoort, The Netherlands