Nying Drod

Nying Drod means Warm Heart

During his travels, Tulku Lobsang is often approached by people who wish to help Tibetans. Seeing this compassionate desire and also knowing the need of the Tibetan people, Tulku Lobsang founded the Nying Drod project. This project builds a bridge between continents—it connects those that want to give with those in need.

Your support goes directly to improve the living condition of Tibetan people

Nying Drod receives donations from individuals and directs this money toward those in need. We support the following projects:

  1. Funding a child’s education in Tibet.
  2. Supporting monks’ basic expenses in India.
  3. Supporting the livelihood of elderly Tibetans without a family.
  4. Funding the medical care for an ill person.

100% of all donations reach the children, elderly, sick or monks according to the dedicated purpose of the donation. We really mean 100%! All organizers of the Nying Drod - Warm Heart project work purely as volunteers. All administrative costs are covered by separate income. The money donated for the children's scholarships reaches the sponsored child completely.

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Around the Globe

The Nying Drod - Warm Heart project was founded in 2004. It is currently supported by people in nine countries - Austria, Belgium, Germany, The Netherlands, Norway, Portugal, Spain, Switzerland, United States.

Some sponsors give individually and some dedicate their time to organize events whereby money is raised for Nying Drod. Examples of ways that money comes in include the income from a photo and travel exhibit was donated to Nying Drod, every year a company redirects the money usually spent on client’s Christmas presents to pay for Tibetan children’s education, Tulku Lobsang donates the income from his calligraphy, and other artists and healers donate their efforts.

We are deeply grateful for all those that have dedicated their efforts to raising funds for Nying Drod!

Learn More, Give More, Receive More!

To learn more about the Nying Drod - Warm Heart project and exactly how you can provide for a child’s education in Tibet or directly support a person in need, please visit:

There you will find more information about the various projects, letters from some children that have benefitted, and a contact list of the organizers of the project in various countries.

With your support, we will strengthen the bridge between those that desire to help and those in need. All will benefit!