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Felina - February 03, 2011

I love two man!
A is beatiful, inteligent, shy, calm, the best friend anyone can find and I feel safe, secure and serene next to him! He never makes me feel bad!
N is beatiful, inteligent, funny, someone I can have conversations about anything and I feel excited, passion and have spontaneaus laughs! When he feels insecure, he tries to make me feel the same!
Is it possible to love so different persons?
Which one is the true love?
I believe both are!
I also feel my hapiness is compromise, because I am with A, but always missing N!

Response from Tulku Lobsang:

I can't really say whether you truly love these men or not. Only you can know that. But it is possible to love not only two different people, but to love countless people. Love is always infinite. But commitment is not infinite. Therefore, when you talk about only being able to love one person, what you mean is that you can only commit to one person. Still, it is possible for you to love two people. People misunderstand love and commitment. Usually, the nature of love is outside of commitment, but society and culture always say that we need to commit to one person, that you need to love one person. But love does not depend on commitment. Love is just love. Love is free. Love needs to be free, naturally. I do think you love both men, but I don't know if society will accept this or not. Therefore, you need to find a way. In this 21st century there are many possibilities. Maybe you can find a way to stay with both men. But I don't believe that one can only love one person. It is possible for us to love many people, in the same way or in different ways. But our system and our society don't accept this. So, it may be difficult, but still you can try. Maybe it is possible for you. 

~Tulku Lobsang

Answered on March 15th, 2011
Amersfoort, The Netherlands