Nangten Menlang - Centro Médico Budista

Gondori - February 18, 2011

Yesterday evening I read about your programm in Basel.
Tomorrow morning I had a dream: I asked you a question everything was in a blue light.
When I waked up I looked to your homepage and realised that it is realy possible to ask you questions... strange... and now my question from the dream:
How is it possible to have a continious feeling of happiness. What might I do?
Meditation helps me much, but not to be continiuos in a relaxed happy and friendly state.
Is only possible to be in a relaxed happy state during meditation?
My wish is to be in happyness and trust every times.

Response from Tulku Lobsang:

Every day you must choose to be happy. Not only this, but every three hours you need to remind yourself about your choice to be happy in life. That is the way to continually be happy.

~Tulku Lobsang

Answered on June 8th, 2011
Florianopolis, Brazil