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Ausgewählte Methoden, die Tulku Lobsang unterrichtet

„Die Leerheit ist die Weisheit
und das Mitgefühl
ist die Methode des Buddhismus.“

Tulku Lobsang Rinpoche

Tulku Lobsang Rinpoche

Tulku Lobsang Rinpoche

Tulku Lobsang Rinpoche ist ein hoher buddhistischer Meister und Lehrer. In Amdo, im Nordosten Tibets geboren, wurde er im Alter von 13 Jahren als die achte Reinkarnation des Nyentse Lama wiedererkannt. Die Basis seiner Lehren ist das uralte Wissen des Tantrayana, welches den Grundstein des tibetischen Buddhismus und der tibetischen Medizin bildet. Tulku-la reist durch Europa, Amerika und Asien, um sein tiefgründiges Wissen weiterzugeben.

Tulku Lobsang Rinpoches Unterweisungen sind gekennzeichnet durch seine herzliche und liebenswürdige Art. Humorvoll und alltagsnah schafft Rinpoche es, Brücken zu schlagen, um das uralte Wissen seiner ehrwürdigen Übertragungslinie in die Gegenwart zu übertragen. Es ist ihm ein großes Anliegen, durch die Vermittlung des tibetischen Wissens dazu beizutragen, dass sich das Leiden in der Welt verringert.



International Gang Gyok Day - Run For A Better Future

On June 18, 2017 Tulku Lobsang Rinpoche will host the Annual International Gang Gyok Day in Barcelona, Spain. The purpose of the Day is to promote health and happiness throughout the world.

Rinpoche started International Gang Gyok Day in 2015 when he led over 700 people running through the streets of Dharamsala, India. Thousands of people worldwide showed their support by organizing local Gang Gyok events, making this a truly international event.

Through this annual event, Rinpoche hopes to bring awareness to our current health and happiness crisis. By including proper movement into our daily lives, we can create healthier bodies and happier, more peaceful minds. Gang Gyok is one simple technique that can help change our lives and create a better future world.

Gang Gyok is a powerful Tibetan method for running or walking with endless energy and vitality. Using this technique can enhance your daily running or walking practice and can help prevent some common injuries that occur when we run with distracted minds. It is one of the many Tibetan Movement practices taught by Tulku Lobsang Rinpoche that can improve our physical and mental wellbeing.

Even if you cannot join Tulku Lobsang in Barcelona, you can still be part of this very special event! Several International Gang Gyok Day events are being organized in various countries.



This special Tibetan technique can be used with walking or running.

  1. Hold your hands in vajra fist (middle and ring finger bent, thumb pressing against the fingernails, pinky and index finger extended like bull horns).
  2. Bend your arms slightly. Keep them loose and a little away from the body.
    Bend your spine forward slightly – keep it loose and not completely straight.
  3. Special Breathing Technique:
    - Take one breath in through the mouth while making a whispering sound.
    - Gently push the breath down the body to four fingers below the navel and HOLD IT. (Imagine you are pushing the breath down about 70%, while simultaneously pulling up or engaging your pelvic floor 30%).
  4. Start running (or walking):
    - While holding this breath, run or walk 21 steps using your full power. Engage all your muscles.
    - Then, breathe out, slow down and relax the muscles and body.
  5. Continue running (or walking):
    - Run or walk in your own rhythm.
    - Always keep 10% of your breath below your navel (or, don't exhale 100%). Keep breathing through the nose, slow and steady.
    - Always reserve some part of your energy.
    - Look forward towards the horizon. Do not focus your eyes on any objects.
    - Focus your inner mind on the point four fingers below your navel.
    - The mind should not be thinking anything.

After the practice:

Do a short and simple meditation to focus the mind. For example, a single-pointed mind meditation that focuses on a single object, like a rock or a leaf.