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Selection of Tulku Lobsang’s Teaching Methods

„The wisdom of Buddhism is emptiness
and the method of Buddhism
is compassion.“

Tulku Lobsang Rinpoche

Tulku Lobsang Rinpoche

Tulku Lobsang Rinpoche

Tulku Lobsang Rinpoche is a high Buddhist master and teacher. Born in Amdo, north-eastern Tibet, Tulku-la was recognized at the age of 13 as the eighth reincarnation of the Nyentse Lama. Rinpoche bases his teachings on the ancient knowledge of Tantrayana, which is the foundation of both Tibetan Buddhism and Tibetan Medicine. Tulku-la travels through Europe, America and Asia sharing his deep knowledge of this precious wisdom.

Tulku Lobsang Rinpoche’s teachings are characterized by his kind, humorous, and warm-hearted nature. Rinpoche bridges worlds and translates the ancient wisdom of his venerable transmission lineage into practical advice for the present day. Tulku-la’s greatest wish is to reduce suffering in the world by sharing this profound treasure of wisdom. Rinpoche’s traditional background and charismatic, straightforward style make him a wonderful and wise teacher.


„Nothing is difficult until you think it’s difficult.
Nothing is easy until you think it’s easy.“

Unique chance to practice Lu Jong with Tulku Lobsang / Uitzonderlijke kans om Lu Jong te oefenen met Tulku Lobsang!

During this workshop you will have the unique opportunity to receive 15 Lu Jong exercises directly from our Tibetan Buddhist Master.

Tulku Lobsang will not only teach the 5 elements, but for the first time in Belgium he will also tutor the movements of the 5 body parts as well as the 5 vital organs.

Lu Jong, Tibetan Healing Yoga

“THE 5 ELEMENTS“ - Saturday 26th from 10h to 12.30h
“THE 5 BODY PARTS“ - Saturday 26th from 13.30h to 16h
“THE 5 VITAL ORGANS“- Sunday 27th from 10h to 12.30h

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Tijdens deze workshop krijg je de bijzondere kans om de 15 Lu Jong oefeningen rechtstreeks door te krijgen van onze Tibetaanse Boeddhistische Meester.
Tulku Lobsang zal niet alleen de bewegingen van de 5 elementen aanleren maar zal voor de eerste keer in België ook de bewegingen van de 5 lichaamsdelen en van de 5 belangrijkste organen onderrichten.

Lu Jong, Tibetaanse Helende Yoga
in Gent

“DE 5 ELEMENTEN”          Zaterdag 26 mei van 10u tot 12.30u
“De 5 LICHAAMSDELEN”         Zaterdag 26 mei van 13.30u tot 16u
“De 5 ONMISBARE ORGANEN”    Zondag 27 mei van 10u tot 12.30u

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