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Lu Jong Teacher Certification

Lu Jong is Tibetan Healing Yoga. It is a beautiful practice that uses coordinated movements of the body and the breath to balance the mind and body in profound ways. Rooted in Tibetan Medicine and Bön, this practice improves the health and happiness of people of all ages and abilities. 

More and more people are discovering Lu Jong and are eager to learn more about it. Therefore, there is always a need for high-quality teachers to share this practice.

The Teacher Certification Program is designed to give you all that you need to be a confident and effective teacher, even if you have little experience with Lu Jong when you begin the program.

The training program has three steps:

  • Education
  • Certification
  • Renewal

The Education is a 12-day course with an authorized Lu Jong Educator. The Educators are chosen by Tulku Lobsang based on their level of experience and their dedication to the Nangten Menlang community. Each Educator chooses their own dates and format, so please check to see when the Education courses will be offered in your country.

The Certification is a 3 day teaching with Tulku Lobsang. At that time, those that have successfully completed the Education will receive Tulku Lobsang’s direct transmission. Each potential teacher will need to pass a theoretical and practical exam. Then, Tulku Lobsang will present the certificate and give his blessing to teach the Lu Jong practice in his name.

The original certificate is valid for two years, at which time a renewal will be necessary. The Renewal Weekend is usually offered in conjunction with the Certification Weekend. This is a lovely time to connect with the Lu Jong community and particularly to deepen one’s connection to Tulku Lobsang as well! The renewed certificate is then valid for four years.

Lu Jong is deeply connected to Tulku Lobsang and his lineage. These steps have been developed in order to keep the transmission pure and to ensure that all teachers are spreading the practice in a high-quality way. It is our wish that many people benefit from Lu Jong, but that the quality of the teaching does not diminish.

To learn more about Lu Jong, including the list of certified teachers and the classes they are offering, please visit: