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Rachel.Terhorst - July 12, 2011

Why are we here? Does everybody have a unique purpose in life?

Response from Tulku Lobsang:

The purpose of life is universal. Everyone's purpose is to become a happy person and a better person. I believe that our lives can be on the border between heaven and hell. It can go either way. Therefore, the purpose of having this life is to make a big difference in your own life. Change your life for the better. Sometimes things will look up, and sometimes they will look down, but the purpose of this life is for everyone to go up. But, of course, this is not always something easy. This answer I give will be relevant to anyone, whether they are religious or not.

I am a person of Buddhism and so it so from the view of Buddhism that I give this answer: The purpose of life is to become enlightened, to awaken the mind. The reason for coming here to this planet is to find our path. Likewise, our own life is our best teacher for finding the path of enlightenment and the path to the awakened mind. Life is a great teacher. But being a great teacher means that life always gives challenges. Life always forces you to move forward, never lets you just sit in the same position. Life wants you to awaken your mind. That is why it seems like life is often making problems for us. It seems like life is just full of problems, but really these problems are just a way to wake up. They awaken the mind. Therefore, the best purpose of life is to become a person with an awakened mind.

~Tulku Lobsang

Answered in Spain, September 2011